Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent Hari removal for men and women London and KentSmooth Touch are experts in Permanent Hair Removal for men and women. We use the Spa Touch system which is quick (10 times faster than most conventional lasers), affordable, and pain and needle free.

The Spa Touch system has overtaken electrolysis and laser hair removal, the Spa Touch system uses LHE (light heat & energy) to destroy the hair follicles, offering you safe and permanent results.

Permanent Hair Removal for light coloured hair

If you are fed up with tedious hair removal by shaving, plucking, messy creams or waxing, Spa Touch could well be the right permanent hair removal solution for you. Spa Touch works on all hair colours even red and ash blonde , unlike conventional lasers which tend to only work on dark hair colours. It is effective on a wide range of skin tones from fair to Mediterranean.

Permanent hair removal for men Kent

Spa Touch faster than electrolysis

Unwanted hair is a problem for thousands of men and women. It can undermine confidence, affect relationships and impact upon just about every area of your life. Hair removal techniques such as plucking, shaving, creams and waxing are only temporary. Until fairly recently electrolysis or laser hair removal has been the only long-lasting hair removal solution.  In electrolysis each hair has to be treated individually which can be very time consuming, not to mention expensive! Spa Touch targets a large number of hairs at once and can treat an area 5.5 x 2.5 cm at once, resulting in quicker, more permanent results.

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