Bikini Line

Karen consulted Smooth Touch after struggling every summer, with a creeping bikini line all her adult life.

Full Hollywood after 9 treatments

She had done her research on the various different methods of permanent hair removal and decided to go ahead with the Smooth Tough LHE system. After initially starting with just the bikini line, she was so delighted to see a marked improvement after only one session,  that she opted to have all the hair removed i.e. a  full Hollywood.  See needed a total of 9 treatments to achieve the results seen here in the before and after pictures.

She is thrilled with the results, although the initially concerned about the total cost, this has in fact proved to be far less expensive than a monthly waxing for the next 30 years or so!

Jenny was very sceptical about trying permanent hair removal, but was willing to try Spa Touch because she was fed up with her creeping bikini-line hair.

With low expectations she started a course of Spa Touch LHE treatments to permanently remove her pubic hair. After three treatments at four weekly intervals she could see several bald patches appearing, this encouraged her to stick with it. After a further seven treatments the area is now virtually hair free. Jenny is delighted with the results achieved and has gone on to have her armpit hair removed as well.

Free Consultation
We offer a free consultation (worth £65) to help you decide if permanent hair removal is right for you. Brazilian and Hollywood waxing is also available at home or at our Kent salon.

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